Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Handbook Addendumbs, Section 2

The workingstiffed Employee Handbook has proven to be such an invaluable resource that -- doggone it -- we feel compelled to keep doing more with less! Here's a selection of more terms you'll need to know in order to survive Workplace Purgatory:

NOSTRADUMBASS: An executive who specializes in making bold (and invariably errant) predictions about industry trends. Inaccuracies are often blamed on the housing market, gas prices and other factors that, curiously, the foreseer did not foresee.

ORGAN GRINDER: A seemingly useless employee kept hanging around in case his/her supervisor needs a liver transplant someday.

VOMITORIUM: Code name for employee restroom following a presentation by a consultant.

PUNITIVE DAMAGE: A scenario in which a computer technician, angered by a service request that interrupted the latest "World of Warcraft" session, purposely leaves the equipment in worse shape than he/she found it.

DOUBTSOURCING: A management strategy that involves letting Somebody Else worry about the consequences.

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