Saturday, February 12, 2011

True Tales From the Office: Just Like Clockwork

Our story begins inside the supervisor's office, where an employee is receiving his first annual review in three years.

SUPERVISOR: Your tardiness is a problem. Today, for example, you came in at 10:30.

EMPLOYEE: But I came in at 9.

SUPERVISOR: No, you came in at 10:30.

EMPLOYEE: I'm sure it was 9.

SUPERVISOR: (Bristling) I'm telling you it was 10:30. We're done here!

Employee leaves supervisor's office and stops by a co-worker's cubicle.

EMPLOYEE: Just so I know I'm not crazy, what time did you see me come in today?

CO-WORKER: Well, I got here at 9:15 and you were already at your desk.

EMPLOYEE: Thanks. I may have to subpoena your testimony for my next review.

And ... scene!

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