Thursday, June 23, 2011

Value Judgment

  As schoolchildren, we learned about the symbols that indicate one thing is greater than or less than another. A few examples:

* 3 > 2
* Donkey Kong < Galaga
* Ice Cream Sandwich > Whatever Crap the Cafeteria Is Serving

  Later in life, however, we went to work ... and learned more about values than we ever wanted to.

Greater Than Or Less Than?

Your Blood Relative in Intensive Care < Your Boss's 57th Birthday Party

Shameless Self-Promotion > Quiet Dignity

Years of Competent Service < Last Week's Minor Brain Fart

Dress Code Violation > Radon Gas Leak in Employee Break Room

Company Pension Plan < Company Softball Team

Supervisor's Rotary Club Buddy Needs a Favor > Integrity, Ethics, Etc.

Work < Paperwork

Industry Standard > More Sense Than a Hole in the Ground

Long-Term Strategy < Series of Spasmodic Knee Jerks

Set Yourself Apart < Keep Your Damn Head Down